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tanning salon software Easy to use software panelUsing TanTrack tanning salon software you will no longer have to deal with mis-filed or missing client cards. Even correctly filed cards can take awhile to find thumbing through each one. With just a few keystrokes you have your client. TanTrack tanning salon software even helps with keeping track of your lotion inventory, tanning beds, acrylics, employee time clock, client visits, sales and so much more. Best of all TanTrack tanning salon software is still easy to use! We don’t use any codes when making a sale. We use the actual lotion or service name. To tan a client, you simply click a button that says “Tan Client”.…read more


tanning salon software features panelAll of our client searches have smart technology. Each letter you press brings you to the next closest match for your tanning salon client. There are no more double stacks of cards. All clients are stored in one database and very quick to find! TanTrack tanning salon software also integrates with Facebook®, Twitter®, and Yelp® to help with all of your social media networking.
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tanning salon software optional hardware panelTanTrack tanning salon software is the only complete tanning salon software application that will help you run your tanning salon, gym, beauty salon or day spa. TanTrack supports a wide variety of hardware such as receipt printers, cash drawers, fingerprint scanners (biometrics), bar code readers, T-Max timers, Sunstar Timers, CCS Intellitan Timers, FST Timers, and coming soon Apple Pay®

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What TanTrack® tanning salon software can do for you: